Domaine Trent Museum, Drummondville, Quebec

June 25 -   Aug. 23, 2015

Alsig8ntegkw:  Abenaki "The river with the empty cabin"

Featuring the works of Abenaki artists Carmen Hathaway, Joyce Panadis and Christine Sioui-Wawanoloath,  this exhibition reminds us of the ancient and contemporary presence of the Abenakis First Nation and the bonds that have been woven over the years.

Domaine Trent Museum



On reflection of the stages we pass through on our journey.  

 © 2015     22" x 22"




Harmony in unity — perfect peace.

© 2015     40" x 30"



I was inspired to create this on reflecting on the experience of traumatic loss.

The bear is roaring its pain at the four eagle spirits who are leaving her behind.

She grieves the loss of her art mentors, and elders.

They carry her spirit with them, to be reunited in another time.

© 2015     30" x 30"

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