3D Digital Laser Printing

Canadian Abenaki Artist & 3D Printing House create together

 January 16th, 2018 

Working in 3d printing since 1996 has allowed us to create some unique  pieces and work with interesting people over the years, including the  pleasure of teaming up with celebrated Canadian Abenaki artist, Carmen Hathaway.

Carmen originally connected with us to share some of her visions and  superb quality 3d CAD files. Now we want to share it with you! 

 For those who missed the well received ‘From Smoke To Cyber Signals’  2017 fall exhibit in Montreal, you now have the opportunity to view  Carmen’s work (as well as other Canadian artists) at the Glendon Gallery on the York University Campus until January 26, 2018.

When I emailed Carmen asking if we could feature her art and the  exhibit in a blog post, I also mentioned how she was the only artist  we’ve been able to 3d print for (to date) as her files were of a high  quality and her vision was strong. In return, she complimented us by  saying “I had to sort through a whole whack of OMGs before I found you.  Your interviews/video spoke to me of someone who ‘gets it’ — thoroughly  professional.”

Thank you Carmen, we made a great team!

Annette Kalbhenn

3D Prototype Design Inc.

Toronto, Ontario,Canada



Canadian Abenaki artist Carmen Hathaway & 3D Printing house create together

3Dprototypedesigninc, Toronto proved to be an excellent choice for producing my first 3D laser printed sculpture, in 2012, and again for several pieces for my solo exhibition, From Smoke To Cyber Signals, 2017, in Montreal,  2018, in Toronto.

Photography : Mylène Trudeau, 3d laser printing by 3D Prototype Design
Photography : Mylène Trudeau, 3d laser printing by 3D Prototype Design

3D Digital Modeling

Abenaki: Weaving Virtual Realities, 2014

  With the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council 


Foundations of virtual realities I create are based in traditional media.

The intricate mesh patterns of Abenaki weaving – utilitarian and ornamental  ash tree splint basketry – inspire me to explore these designs in  digital form.  

Skills  I’ve developed working with acrylic paint, art glass, leather, and  clay, transfer seamlessly to 3D digital/new media modeling.

Abenaki  Elder artists  sharing experience in their process with me was the  impetus to create a new body of work – virtual interpretations of  weaving.

These aren't restricted to containers or vessels – the infinite range of woven structural form potential intrigues me.

I've  been working with 3D digital modeling since 2010. I began experimenting  with digital art in the late 90s and find I learn something new every  day. Recently, my experimentation led me to realize how I can digitally  replicate basket weaving.

Through  investigating the artistic potential of my Abenaki heritage in virtual  environments – I can share my adaptations and hybridizations of my  impressions with a view to creating a basis for new traditions.

~ Carmen Hathaway

3D Digital Modeling Basket Weave © 2014