Image (above):  The Hive

Looking into the future, in the year 3030, some appear to be incomplete.

No matter.  All are equal in The Hive. 

©  2020  Prints up to 40" x 22.5"

From the German words zeit, meaning time, and geist,  spirit or ghost. 

As the year 2020 comes upon us -- MMXX in Roman numerals -- these are reflections of my journey in time.

Image (right):  Zeitgeist MMXX

 Here, spirits representing the first two decades of the 21st Century sow and tend seeds of the future.  

© 2019  Prints up to 40" square

Zeitgeist MMXX  original designs are available in my prints catalog:

I live for the impetus of inspiration and unconditional surrender in creative process.

Surreal form, iteration and kinesis are key elements in my art.  

 My artistic goal is to intrigue, provoke, entice. 


Zeitgeist MMXX